What Are Pét Nat Wines?

Have you heard of pét nat wines? These varieties have been a growing trend, as their fresh, fun and unique flavours are a summer favourite! 

The name ‘pét nat wines’ is actually short for the French term 'pétillant naturel', meaning ‘naturally sparkling’... And that’s what makes them so special! 

These wines are crafted with as little human intervention as possible, there are no major alterations made throughout making and filtration of the wine. Instead, the wine is bottled with a crown seal before the fermentation process has completed, with no additions of yeast or sugars. This process traps a small amount of carbon dioxide in the bottle (which occurs naturally during fermentation), which creates a light, naturally sparkling wine! 

Not only do these wines have a natural fizz, but a pét nat wine production is not limited to any specific grape variety - which means it’s taste vastly differs and is completely unique to each bottle! They typically have a fresh, fruity, light taste - which is why they’re perfect for summer!

What makes these wines different from champagne?

Whilst champagne can of course only be made in the Champagne region of France, and is only produced under strict regulations - pét nat wines have no rules to production. Taste wise, champagne usually holds a yeasty quality, pét nat wine is more of a fruity nature. 

These wines are best served chilled!