Toast to the Holidays: Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Christmas Feast

By Matthew Gerard on Dec 11, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of festive gatherings and indulgent feasts fills the air. Elevate your Christmas dining experience with the perfect wine pairings that enhance the flavours ...

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Wine Basics – The Best Foods To Pair With White Wine

By Matthew Gerard on Nov 17, 2022

White wine is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed with a variety of different foods. Whether you're looking for a light lunchtime pairing or a hearty dinner option, there's a white wine out there that w...

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Like Peas In A Pod – Perfect Pairings For Winter Reds

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 24, 2022

The weather is cooling down, the heater is being cranked up, and the sound of popping bottles of red wine, pouring into a generous glass is echoing around the kitchen. Red wine is delectable on its own, but ...

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Wine and Food Pairing Tips

By Matthew Gerard on Jan 28, 2022

Acids, fats and sweetness all play an important role in making the perfect food and wine pairing! Here is your guide to choosing the best wine to pair with your dish.  Acidity: The wine you choose should al...

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Aging Well Together: The Perfect Wine and Cheese Combinations

By Matthew Gerard on Sep 20, 2019

As the saying goes, nothing ages better than a fine wine – but what cheese? Finding the perfect wine and cheese pairing can be a tasty endeavour, especially when you consider the need to match tannin, textu...

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An Unexpectedly Perfect Pairing

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 16, 2019

Wine and food pairings can be tricky, as they require a constant balancing act between sweet, salty, fatty and acidic tastes and textures. The juicy tomato may appear to be a challenging wine match at first,...

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