Mixologiq - The Perfect Cocktail Solution

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 03, 2022

Everyone loves a good cocktail. Whether your drink of choice is an old fashioned, margarita, or a mojito, everyone can agree that going out for a cocktail (or two!) is a relaxing way to end your night. But m...

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Calling All Hospitality Owners! Mixologiq: The Cocktail Machine Designed to Simplify Your Business

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 11, 2021

All restaurants and bars need to have this! Mixologiq is a programable bartender designed to make cocktails in as little as fifteen seconds. This cocktail machine offers innovative functionalities – measurin...

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5 Accessories You Need To Upgrade Your Next Picnic

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 19, 2021

Serve your friends and family with only the best with our new cheese and serving accessories. Enjoy your perfect day out with quality serving sets and stainless steel knives to carve out your favourite selec...

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Stay Healthy With These Nourishing Wines

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 16, 2020

While many of us enjoy a regular drop of wine, it isn’t always painted as the healthiest of beverages. The benefits and risks of wine have been studied extensively, with the bulk of research concluding that ...

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Beyond The Mancave: 3 Places To Install Your Beverage Fridge

By Matthew Gerard on Jan 20, 2020

The ultimate home entertainer knows that it’s crucial to ensure that all your beverages are kept at the ideal temperature. From beers at a summer barbecue to Friday evening mocktails and easy afternoon drink...

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