Stay Healthy With These Nourishing Wines

While many of us enjoy a regular drop of wine, it isn’t always painted as the healthiest of beverages. The benefits and risks of wine have been studied extensively, with the bulk of research concluding that moderate consumption of certain types of wines can have a positive effect upon our health. In current times, where coronavirus is threatening the health of billions of people around the world, it is comforting to know that one of our favourite beverages can actually have a considerable effect upon our wellbeing.

It’s easy to forget that wine was used as medicine in medieval times and its moderate consumption was touted as a reason for longer longevity among certain parts of the population. While the presence of wine in a healthy diet is more complex in modern times, it does appear possible that wine, especially those of the red variety, can have a positive effect upon one’s health in moderation.  

In such strange and uncertain stages, where we are looking to shield ourselves against the pandemic of coronavirus that has swept the globe, moderate consumption of certain wines may have a positive and comforting influence that can also contribute to our greater health. Wines that contain resveratrol are the ones with the most obvious health benefits, as research has found that this compound may improve gut microbiome, cardiovascular and heart health, omega-3 fatty acid levels, blood pressure and lung function.

While wine alone cannot prevent you from contracting coronavirus, there are certain varieties that can provide a boost to your overall health and immunity alongside other important factors such as diet, exercise, sleep and hygiene measures. Here are some of the healthiest types of wine that could help you stay healthy in the face of coronavirus (only if consumed in moderation, of course!): 

Pinot noir

According to medical researchers, this is the healthiest type of wine you can drink. This grape has a higher resveratrol concentrationthan any other variety of red wine, providing you with an antioxidant boost that can lower blood pressure. Pinot noir also has a lower sugar content than other red wines, making it an even healthier choice for your next glass.


In general, dry red wines are the healthiest type you can consume. Dry reds such as merlot and its counterpart cabernet tend to contain high levels of the magic compound resveratrol, and also have lower sugar content than a wide variety of other wines. 

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