Raise a Glass to These Bushfire-Affected Wineries

We have just endured a long, hot summer defined by some of the most devastating bushfires our country has ever seen. The Australian fires have had a severe impact upon both human and animal life in the affected areas, resulting in the mass loss of life, land, property and business.

As those most prominently affected return to their homes and businesses and begin the arduous process of rebuilding their lives from the ashes, it is the perfect time for Australians to throw their support behind the businesses most impacted by the bushfires.

Wine lovers around the country can show their appreciation for impacted producers and regions by recognising the following wineries that have been deeply affected by the bushfire crisis. A number of these wineries have experienced the partial or total decimation of their vineyards, while others are continuing to battle the impact of smoke taint to the point that they will be unlikely to produce a vintage 2020.

Whether you choose to buy a bottle or six online or visit the wineries in person, every little bit counts. Here are some bushfire-affected wineries worth supporting to help boost Australian viticulture in the aftermath of a devastating summer.




New South Wales:


South Australia:


Kangaroo Island: