Finding the Perfect Large Wine Fridge: A Collector's Guide

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 30, 2023

If you're a wine enthusiast with a growing collection, or even just an avid wine drinker who loves to keep a variety of bottles on hand, investing in a large wine fridge is a smart choice. These stylish appl...

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Become A True Wine Connoisseur - Invest In A Grand Cru Wine Fridge

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 01, 2022

For the basic wine fan, storing unopened bottles may look like storing them in the fridge amongst all the groceries and leftovers, or in an unsightly bottle rack, shoved away in the corner of your dining roo...

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Looking for that Perfect Wine Fridge to Match Your Décor? Here's Our Favourite Pick for March

By Matthew Gerard on Apr 25, 2022

Whether you’re a first-time wine collector or simply looking for extra storage, Grand Cru Wine Fridge has a small fridge just for you. Grand Cru Wine Fridge has designed an exclusive collection of small frid...

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The Top 3 Large Wine Fridges

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 21, 2022

Collecting and procuring large wine collections is easy- finding well-designed and accommodating storage is not! If you are serious about protecting your collection and having sophisticated accessible storag...

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Every Wine Connoisseurs Dream. Here Are Our Top Three Freestanding Wine Fridges to Display Your Wine Collection

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 14, 2022

Freestanding wine fridges are the new trending amenities that every wine connoisseur needs in their house. Long gone are the days of fancy centre pieces and extravagant chandeliers which are becoming dated a...

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Compact and Contemporary - How the Freestanding Wine Cooler Delivers in Style and Viability

By Matthew Gerard on Feb 14, 2022

Every wine lover knows that a wine fridge is an absolute must have to store your wine collection.  Specially designed to keep your wine at the optimum temperature, so that you can enjoy a glass of red or whi...

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