Looking for that Perfect Wine Fridge to Match Your Décor? Here's Our Favourite Pick for March

Whether you’re a first-time wine collector or simply looking for extra storage, Grand Cru Wine Fridge has a small fridge just for you. Grand Cru Wine Fridge has designed an exclusive collection of small fridges to suit every home and budget. Each compact wine fridge can hold up to 50 bottles of wine making it a perfectly small extension to every living space.


Everyones’ Favourite

The Grand Cru Black 46DB is the company’s best-selling compact wine fridge and one look at its sleek black trimming explains it all. Designed with a modern black rimless glass door, integrated handle and blue LED interior light, the Grand Cru Black 46DB screams luxury. Featuring 6 sliding shelves to hold up to 46 bottles of wine and an in-cabinet touch pad control, no wonder the ultra-modern fridge was featured in Channel 7’s House Rules. The Grand Cru Black 46DB is priced at $2,199.00.


Let’s Get Curvy

Stand out from the crowd with the show-stopping Grand Cru 42SBLK . Designed with a distinctive curved door and adjustable legs, this compact fridge was made for the limelight. Why not make use of its freestanding design and contemporary wooden shelves to display up to 42 of your best wines for only $1,499.00.


The Upcoming Wine Connoisseurs

The Grand Cru Label View 40SBLV is ideal for first-time wine collectors. The ‘Label View’ telescopic shelving defies traditional fridge designs by positioning wine bottles parallel to the fridge window, so even the bottles at the back get a taste of the limelight. The fridge can fit 40 x 750ml wine bottles of all shapes, making it the most versatile choice. The Grand Cru Label View 40SBLV retails for $2,399.00


The Dual Purpose

The Grand Cru 46DBBUN is a household staple due to its dual purpose; both a wine and beverage fridge. Storing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, it is a crowd pleaser. Now you and your kids as well as the non-wine drinkers can also appreciate all the Grand Cru 46DBBUN has to offer for only $4,299.00.


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