Savouring the Spirit of Sangria

By Matthew Gerard on Feb 26, 2024

As the sun sets on a warm summer evening, there's a drink that has been capturing hearts and palates for centuries – sangria! This refreshing and flavourful concoction has a rich history that traces back to ...

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Like Peas In A Pod – Perfect Pairings For Winter Reds

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 24, 2022

The weather is cooling down, the heater is being cranked up, and the sound of popping bottles of red wine, pouring into a generous glass is echoing around the kitchen. Red wine is delectable on its own, but ...

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An Unexpectedly Perfect Pairing

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 16, 2019

Wine and food pairings can be tricky, as they require a constant balancing act between sweet, salty, fatty and acidic tastes and textures. The juicy tomato may appear to be a challenging wine match at first,...

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Delicious dishes to make with wine

By Matthew Gerard on Sep 13, 2017

Adding wine to a dish can give it the surprise flavour hit it needs. You don’t need to use high quality wine in cooking, so put those cheap bottles of wine that you bought because they were on sale to use no...

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5 Tasty Wine Cocktails to Try

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 16, 2017

Feel like getting a bit creative with your wine collection? Check out these fab wine-based cocktail recipes and impress your guests the next time you throw a dinner party. The Stargazer: A soft and sweet sum...

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