Delicious dishes to make with wine

Adding wine to a dish can give it the surprise flavour hit it needs. You don’t need to use high quality wine in cooking, so put those cheap bottles of wine that you bought because they were on sale to use now and give your dishes extra flavour and moisture. There are many dishes where you can incorporate wine to give it that extra punch

Mussels in wine – a classis way to serve mussels, steaming them in butter, shallots and white wine will give them a delicious flavour.

White wine and garlic prawn linguine – a simple dish to make that is sure to wow your guests, user white wine, butter and garlic to simply cook fresh prawns and add them to some linguine cooked al dente for the perfect summer pasta dish.

Lamb shanks in red wine sauce – a delightful winter warmer, serve these lamb shanks in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes and roast vegetables for a scrumptious dish. Serve with a robust red wine such as a Shiraz or Cabernet Merlot to finish off.

Roast chicken with wine gravy – spice up your regular roast chicken with a homemade rich wine gravy. Great to bring out at Christmas time or just for a treat on the weekend, try also adding a breadcrumb stuffing to make it extra special.

However, your dish doesn’t need to be fancy to use wine. Incorporate wine easily in your simple, everyday dishes.

Here are a few tips to use wine easily in light cooking:

  • Add wine to marinades for extra flavouring – as wine is an acid ingredient, it is great in marinades as it helps to tenderize meat and has a bunch of flavour. A wine based marinade also helps keep whatever the meat is (meat or poultry) moist while it cooks.
  • Wine helps cook or simmer foods – add wine to dishes you are cooking in a dish in the oven, in a slow cooker or in a pan or skillet on the stove. This can add moisture and flavour to your dish.
  • Add flavour to fish and help it cook – wine helps fish cook and adds flavour without adding any additional fat, like sauces like tartare sauce would. This also ensure the nutritional purpose of eating fish is also not lost.
  • Use it in baking – using wine or sherry in the place of fattening ingredients can lighten up cakes and also add complimentary flavours to the dessert