The Benefits of Climate Controlled Wine Storage

If you love wine as much as I do, you’ll appreciate how important proper storage is. For any wine collector, the day a beautiful bottle of red turns brown or tastes like paint thinner, is a sad day indeed. If you are not taking the effort of storing your wine properly, you could be throwing away the opportunity to enjoy something beautiful… Not to mention your investment.

There is a reason why people used to keep their wine in caves and cellars – they provide specific atmospheric conditions that help to preserve the wine. With no doubt, a climate-controlled environment is the best place where you can store your wine. However, setting up a cellar of your own at home is a costly exercise and more than likely you do not have the room. If you do not have a basement, what will you do?

Now maybe the time to invest in a Grand Cru Wine Fridge.

Here’s the basic guide for storing wine:

  1. It needs to stay away from direct sunlight
  2. The ideal temperature for storing wine is around 14 degrees Celsius
  3. Humidity should not be allowed to go beyond 75%
  4. Only small temperature variations should be allowed

Any Grand Cru Wine Fridge will provide you with a perfect and affordable climate controlled storage solution suitable for your home, office or garage.

All Grand Cru Wine Fridges come complete with the following key features:

  1. Smoked tempered UV protected glass doors
  2. Single or dual temperature zones ranging from 5 to 22 degrees Celsius
  3. Automatic humidity control between 50 and 75%
  4. A temperature variation of between 0.5 and 1.5 degrees Celsius

Grand Cru Wine Fridges range from the compact 34 bottle home wine fridge, to Australia’s largest wine cabinet capable of cellaring a massive 640 bottles. Grand Cru Wine Fridges are available in various sizes and have a climate controlled wine storage and serving solution to suit your every need.

No matter where you are in Australia, from inner city Melbourne and Sydney, to the suburbs of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we can deliver Grand Cru wine fridges direct to you.

At Grand Cru, we are the wine fridge experts and can provide you with state of the art wine fridges to keep your wine at the perfect serving temperature all year round.