BACK TO NATURE: is organic wine about to take off?

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 10, 2019

Winemakers are going back to their roots with biodynamic wines. In a time of increased environmental consciousness, biodynamic winemaking has gained steady interest in the Australian viticulture industry. W...

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Have a Grape Time in Our Favourite Australian Wine Regions

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 26, 2019

The Land Down Under is home to some of the world’s premier vineyards and wineries. While Australia has many things to offer – Tim Tams, Hugh Jackman and the Sydney Harbour Bridge among them – there’s perha...

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Name a More Iconic Duo

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 19, 2019

Apricot and wine may not be the first pairing that comes to your mind! When we think of wine and food pairings, our thoughts may wander down the line of steak and Cabernet Sauvignon, lobster and Chardonnay ...

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Don’t Make a Pour Decision With These Essential Wine Etiquette Tips

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 19, 2019

From dinner parties, business meetings and important events, proper wine etiquette never goes astray. Many of us have the basics covered when it comes to wine etiquette, but possessing a deeper knowledge and...

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An Unexpectedly Perfect Pairing

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 16, 2019

Wine and food pairings can be tricky, as they require a constant balancing act between sweet, salty, fatty and acidic tastes and textures. The juicy tomato may appear to be a challenging wine match at first,...

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