Don’t Make a Pour Decision With These Essential Wine Etiquette Tips

From dinner parties, business meetings and important events, proper wine etiquette never goes astray.

Many of us have the basics covered when it comes to wine etiquette, but possessing a deeper knowledge and enthusiasm for all things vino is an impressive skill to have up your sleeve. Here, we’ve gone beyond the foundations to share some important tips that will elevate your wine etiquette game.

Know your grapes

There are over 10,000 different types of wine grapes scattered around the globe, with new variations being developed through grafting methods. It is always handy to have some background knowledge into the world’s most popular grapes, especially when it comes to regional differences between taste and alternative options.

Know when to decant

Experts tend to recommend decanting a wide range of wines, as the process of separating sediment and allowing oxygen contact opens up wines to their full potential. Premium wine labels such as Penfolds recommend decanting their entire range of red wines, while some whites – especially younger varieties – can benefit from this extra aeration, although it is often a matter of preference.

Store (and serve) at the correct temperature

Storing and serving wine at the correct temperature is crucial to help it reach its optimum – moscatos and sauvignon blancs are best served between 6-8 degrees Celsius, while reds such as merlot and shiraz shine when drunk at temperatures closer to 18 degrees. Wine that is too warm is dominated by alcohol and loses nuanced flavours; in contrast, over-chilled wines have dulled flavours, harsher tannins and a sharp, acidic taste.

Storing your wine at a correct and consistent temperature means that it will be close to its best when you go to serve it, ensuring you can enjoy all its flavours and aromas as the winemaker intended.

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