The Art of Sipping: Unveiling the Importance of Correct Glassware for Wines

By Matthew Gerard on Feb 19, 2024

In the world of wine appreciation, the vessel from which you sip can significantly influence the entire experience. The importance of selecting the right glassware goes beyond aesthetics; it plays a pivotal ...

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Grand Cru’s favourite glassware for entertaining

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 05, 2023

For wine enthusiasts, having the right glassware is just as important as having the perfect bottle of wine. Grand Cru offers a range of glassware options from the world’s most respected brands that are perfe...

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Wine Basics - What Glass Should I Use?

By Matthew Gerard on Sep 20, 2022

Red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses, whiskey glasses, the list of glasses for your alcoholic beverage of choice can seem truly endless sometimes. You may be wondering wha...

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Grand Cru and Glassware Go Hand-in-Hand

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 13, 2020

Using the right glassware can mean a world of difference between drinking a good glass of wine and having a transformative wine drinking experience. At Grand Cru, we understand that glassware can be crucial ...

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