Grand Cru and Glassware Go Hand-in-Hand

Using the right glassware can mean a world of difference between drinking a good glass of wine and having a transformative wine drinking experience. At Grand Cru, we understand that glassware can be crucial in elevating your wine enjoyment experience to the next level – that is why we are proud to stock a diverse range of premium glassware to ensure you are getting the best out of every bottle. From stylish models that will boost your décor setting to glassware that toes the line between design and science, Grand Cru is bound to offer a wine glass that suits your viticulture needs.


Tempa’s Aurora range has been a bestseller among our customers for a reason – that is because it presents quality glassware in the chicest of styles. With its matte black, rose gold or yellow gold colourways, Aurora provides you with the ultimate fusion between style and function to meet all your glassware needs. These on-trend glasses, which are available in classic wine, champagne and martini shapes, are bound to add a sophisticated touch to your glassware cabinet or kitchen cupboard.   


As Australia’s premium glassware company, Plumm is well-known for the extensive research and testing behind their iconic range of wine glasses. Their range centres around four distinctive glass shapes, each strenuously tested to show that they noticeably improve the drinker’s wine enjoyment experience. With specific glasses for red, white and sparkling wines, as well as an outdoors-specific range built with durability in mind, Plumm offers some of the finest glassware money can buy.


These internationally renowned glassware developers employ the expertise of some of the world’s greatest palates to create their range of wine glasses. Riedel truly understands that quality glassware can alter and enhance the wine tasting and appreciation experience – they have even researched how specific wine glass shapes and sizes can bring out the best in particular vinified grape species. Their dedication to exploring the role that shape and size can play in enhancing fine wine has resulted in the creation of a range of premium glassware and decanters. 

You have discovered the premium glassware for your wine collection, now you want to explore accessories that can enhance your enjoyment experience. Look no further than Grand Cru’s range of wine appreciation accessories, from Coravin systems to Vinturi aerators. Browse our range of wine accessories today at