Find Your Ideal Wine Fridge With Grand Cru

Let’s say you have amassed an impressive wine collection that is fast outgrowing your current storage situation. Maybe you are in the market for a compact storage unit that can store your fledgling wine collection without the bells and whistles. Perhaps you are after something that stands as a statement piece in your home, thanks to its aesthetic value and innovative features.  

You may have a rough idea of what you want in a wine fridge in mind, but there is no doubt that it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you need thanks to an expansive market that is brimming with potential options. Having choice is not necessarily a bad thing, but it complicate your selection of an appropriate wine fridge when you have a plethora of different styles and features to choose from.

The team at Grand Cru understands that selecting the ideal wine fridge for your storage needs is not a clear-cut decision. That is why we have created a solution in the form of our Wine Fridge Finder quiz. This quick and easy to navigate quiz allows you to answer five questions relating to your wine storage situation, ranging from your ideal capacity to the colourway you would prefer. Once you have completed the quiz, our team uses your answers to recommend a select number of wine fridges that could fit your storage situation.

From here, you can browse our recommendations to select the wine fridge that fits your needs or consult with us further via Live Chat, phone or the enquiry form on our website. We are more than happy to provide you with further clarification around our recommendations or discuss alternative options to help you find the ideal storage solution.  

Interested in finding a wine fridge that fits all your wine storage needs? Take Grand Cru’s Wine Fridge Finder quiz today.

Looking for some accessories to complement your new wine fridge? Grand Cru stocks a range of premium accessories from reputable suppliers, including Plumm glassware, Coravin systems and Vinturi aerators. Explore our accessories range today at