Vinturi: Decant With Innovation

Decanting wine is no new concept – in fact, the Romans first caught onto the art of decanting as they let their wine sit for hours to enhance aromas and banish harsh tannins. This centuries-old practice is still widely used today, albeit with more innovative touches, to elevate the taste and texture of wine to the highest level. Separating wine from the sediment and residue accrued during the aging process has become a steadfast way for wine lovers to ensure they are getting the finest drop their wine collection has to offer.

However, the art of decanting reached the peak of innovation over ten years ago thanks to the invention of Vinturi. Created by an electrical engineer in 2006, Vinturi comprises a range of innovative wine aerators that are designed to enhance your experience of your favourite wines. Better yet, they are made with convenience in mind, speeding up the decanting process to ensure that you do not have to wait too long to sample fine wine.

Vinturi aerators allow you to uncork and enjoy instantly thanks to the design, which is modelled on the Venturi effect. This process of a liquid speeding up as it flows from a wide area into a narrower space is replicated in Vinturi systems, hence accelerating the decanting process. Listen for the signature Vinturi sound, which confirms that your aerator is authentic – as the wine passes through the plug separating the wide and narrow areas, you should be able to hear the distinct sound of air being pulled into the side air holes. 

A Vinturi wine aerator operates on innovation to enhance the flavours and aromas of your wine for a smooth, velvety finish. It is a worthy investment for all wine lovers who not only want to speed up the decanting process, but also want to appreciate their wine at its most premium level.

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