Why Wine Lovers Need a Coravin

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 19, 2023

For wine enthusiasts, opening a bottle of wine is often an occasion to savour and enjoy. However, not every occasion calls for finishing an entire bottle in one sitting. This is where the Coravin wine system...

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Five of Victoria’s Favourite Vineyards To Check Out

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 12, 2023

Victoria, Australia is renowned for its diverse and thriving wine regions, producing a wide range of exceptional wines. Here are five of Victoria's best wine regions and the wineries that make them truly spe...

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5 Wineries in Victoria You Need to Visit

By Matthew Gerard on Apr 17, 2023

Victoria is home to some of the most breathtaking wineries in the world, offering stunning scenery, exceptional wines, and an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a visit to a Victorian winery, then ...

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Seven of Australia Top Wineries To Visit

By Matthew Gerard on Dec 20, 2022

There are few countries that rival Australia when it comes to beautiful wineries full of character and flavour. Australia's award-winning wineries should definitely not be missed. From wine tastings at the m...

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3 Warm Wineries to Escape to this Winter

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 08, 2022

Major wine-growing areas are starting to get chilly, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too cold to visit! Discover some of the countries’ cosiest wineries and relax, drink, dine, and even learn in comfort and ...

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Mornington Wineries That You Can't Miss - Check Out Our Favourite Picks!

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 03, 2022

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is quickly becoming one of the most popular wine country destinations to visit - and for good reason! This place has picturesque hills in the hinterland, alongside a stunning ...

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The Top Five Wine Regions Near Melbourne

By Matthew Gerard on Feb 01, 2022

Escaping to some of the country’s most beautiful wine regions doesn’t have to be a long journey! All within an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s city centre, these wine regions are perfect for a quick weekend ge...

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Wine and Food Pairing Tips

By Matthew Gerard on Jan 28, 2022

Acids, fats and sweetness all play an important role in making the perfect food and wine pairing! Here is your guide to choosing the best wine to pair with your dish.  Acidity: The wine you choose should al...

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Australia's Highest Wine Region

By Matthew Gerard on Dec 22, 2021

The New England region of NSW is home to the highest elevated wine region of Australia, which makes it a producer of delicious cool climate wine varieties. Located a six-hours drive north of Sydney, Black Mo...

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It’s Time Win with Red. Check Out This Exclusive Range with Grand Cru Wine Concierge.

By Matthew Gerard on Sep 06, 2021

It does not matter whether you are an avid wine drinker sitting on your fourth wine fridge or are first time taste-tester that’s swimming out to the options on the wine horizon. You can never go wrong with r...

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Have a Grape Time in Our Favourite Australian Wine Regions

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 26, 2019

The Land Down Under is home to some of the world’s premier vineyards and wineries. While Australia has many things to offer – Tim Tams, Hugh Jackman and the Sydney Harbour Bridge among them – there’s perha...

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