Why Wine Lovers Need a Coravin

For wine enthusiasts, opening a bottle of wine is often an occasion to savour and enjoy. However, not every occasion calls for finishing an entire bottle in one sitting. This is where the Coravin wine system comes into play, revolutionising the way wine is enjoyed and preserved. Here are the reasons why wine lovers need a Coravin in their arsenal of wine accessories.

To Preserve The Quality Of Your Wine:
One of the key advantages of using a Coravin is its ability to preserve the quality of wine even after pouring a glass. With its innovative design, the Coravin allows you to access the wine without removing the cork. Instead, it uses a thin needle to penetrate the cork and dispense the wine, while replacing the empty space with inert argon gas. This method ensures that the remaining wine is protected from oxidation, allowing it to retain its freshness and flavour for an extended period.

Exploration and Tasting: Wine lovers are often eager to explore different varieties, vintages, and regions. With a Coravin, you can easily sample a variety of wines without committing to a full bottle. By pouring just a glass or two, you can taste different wines side by side, comparing their nuances and discovering new favourites. This ability to explore and experiment enhances the wine-drinking experience and expands one's knowledge and palate.

Special Occasions and Rare Wines: There are occasions when you want to savour a particularly special or rare bottle of wine. The Coravin enables you to enjoy these prized wines without the fear of wasting or degrading the remaining contents. You can pour a glass whenever the occasion arises, preserving the rest for future enjoyment, even years down the line. This flexibility allows wine lovers to appreciate and collect rare wines without the pressure of immediate consumption.

Sharing and Entertaining: Hosting wine tastings or gatherings becomes more convenient with a Coravin. It allows you to pour individual glasses for guests, catering to their preferences without needing to open multiple bottles. This not only adds an element of sophistication to your hosting skills but also ensures that each glass is poured fresh from the bottle, providing an authentic tasting experience for your guests.

A Coravin is an indispensable tool for wine lovers who value both the preservation and exploration of their wine collection. By maintaining the integrity of the wine, facilitating tastings, enabling access to rare bottles, and enhancing the hosting experience, a Coravin elevates the joy and versatility of enjoying wine. With a Coravin at hand, wine lovers can indulge in their passion, savouring every glass without compromise. Get yours today from Grand Cru here!