Grand Cru Wine Fridges: What's Your Colour?

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 10, 2022

Do you suit red, black or white? The colours we choose for our interior spaces dramatically impacts the energy and personality of your home. Colours play a prominent role in determining our moods and emotion...

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Chardonnay - The Perfect Wine for Winter!

By Matthew Gerard on Dec 08, 2021

Make white wine your new winter choice! Whilst red varieties are a typical winter choice, white wines, for example Chardonnay, can be the perfect choice to warm you this winter.  Chardonnay wines come in fu...

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Must see wineries in Mornington Peninsula

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 26, 2021

Check out the top three wineries in Mornington for your next weekend adventure. Are you wanting to get away and treat yourself with quality Australian wine? Look no further then Mornington Peninsula. Locate...

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Our Wine Fridges are Going White with Our New Range

By Matthew Gerard on May 10, 2021

At Grand Cru, we like to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest in home décor trends.  That’s why we’ve added a new addition to our stable of wine storage solutions: enter our ...

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