Grand Cru Wine Fridges: What's Your Colour?

Do you suit red, black or white? The colours we choose for our interior spaces dramatically impacts the energy and personality of your home. Colours play a prominent role in determining our moods and emotions, so it’s important to find the colour that matches your mood! That’s why our 42 Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridges are available in three distinct colours; white, red and black. 

What could each colour bring to your home? 

RED; red is the colour of strong, energised emotions. Red within the home has been known to boost metabolism, increase respiration and blood pressure. It’s a bold colour that brings the energy! If your home is bursting at the seams with warmth, bright colours and personality, perhaps the compact, yet powerful, choice of our 42SRED is for you!

BLACK; sleek, simple and modern - black is always chic! Black in interior design signifies simplicity and functionality. Black is the perfect colour choice for those striking, sophisticated spaces where you would prefer your fridge to effortlessly blend. 

WHITE; simple, spacious and timeless. White has the ability to brighten any interior area, making it feel as spacious as possible. White in colour theory evokes harmonious, clean feelings throughout the space, which can work well with any colour scheme! If you’re after a simple, fresh, calming and clean feeling in your home, you can’t go past the classic choice of white!

What colour will you choose? Take a look at the range here.