Label-View Fridges Redefine Wine Display

By Matthew Gerard on Apr 01, 2024

For wine enthusiasts who take pride in their collection, the Grand Cru’s ‘Label View’ wine fridge range is a game-changer. Combining sleek design with innovative technology, these fridges are designed to sho...

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Grand Cru: Our Luxurious Label View range

By Matthew Gerard on May 30, 2020

Discover the innovative luxury of the Label View range with Grand Cru founder and CEO Matthew Gerard.   I think it’s a shame that when you’ve bought some really expensive wine – you might have bought some...

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What’s Your Flavour? The Rise Of Customised Wine

By Matthew Gerard on Jan 27, 2020

Gone are the days of simply selecting a bottle off the rack, and draping it in ribbon to gift to the wine lover in your life. Today, you can personalise your wine – everything from the label and the bottle, ...

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