Grand Cru: Our Luxurious Label View range

Discover the innovative luxury of the Label View range with Grand Cru founder and CEO Matthew Gerard.


I think it’s a shame that when you’ve bought some really expensive wine – you might have bought some Grange, you might have bought some 707 – the typical wine fridge layout does not allow you to show off your label. You’ve got guests at home for a party and you’ve invested in some lovely wine and yet unless it’s on the table, the guests don’t know what you’ve got. To address this, Grand Cru has come out with a brand new shelving system called Label View, which allows you to store your bottles of wine parallel to the door which means that you can see your labels through the door and show off the collection that you’ve got.

The Label View range is also very innovative in that it will allow you to store any size 750ml bottle. If you’ve bought a wine fridge from me recently, or you’ve bought a wine fridge from somebody else, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘why can I not get the capacity of the wine fridge when I load all my bottles?’. It becomes a game of Tetris really because every bottle in Australia is a different size and a different shape, so the Label View range means you can buy any shape of 750ml bottle you’d like and they’ll all fit which, for those who have had problems in the past - I have as well, that’s a fantastic benefit.

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