Discover This New Wine Trend With a Difference

It’s no secret that some of us are paying more attention to our health and fitness than ever before. From clean eating to organic options, we are all look to swap out our favourite treats for a healthier alternative. However, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out – plenty of health-conscious variations have popped up so we are able to indulge in our favourite foods guilt-free. This has extended to the viticulture industry, where a handful of winemakers have turned their hand to producing low to no alcohol varietals that satisfy our growing penchant for healthy alternatives.

Established wineries and new kids on the block are embracing the no-alcohol trend, with many releasing low ABV wines that aim to replicate the real thing. They are adapting the classics to feature low or no alcohol content, giving you an excuse to indulge in one more glass of your favourite tipple without feeling the side effects.

Alcohol-free wine, also known as de-alcoholised or alcohol removed wine, are produced in the same manner as their alcoholic counterparts. However, they go through an additional process after your typical maturation and fermentation which removes the alcohol from the wine. Some varieties may still contain a small amount of alcohol after this process is finished, but it is generally no more than 0.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV). This produces a wine that is somewhat similar to the varietals we’ve become accustomed to with less total calories than your standard glass.

For some, the promise of quality wine without the alcohol sounds too good to be true. How can low to no alcohol varietals mimic the taste of the real thing? The truth is that this varies from product to product – some mirror their alcoholic incarnation perfectly, while others stray from the taste we are used to.

Now comes the ultimate question: which no alcohol wines are worth drinking? If you are interested in venturing into the world of non-alcoholic wines, begin at Alcofree, Australia’s mecca of quality no alcohol beverages. You can also find quality non-alcoholic varietals at your local liquor chain in the form of mainstream producers such as Edenvale, Lindeman’s and McGuigan – all make low to no alcohol wines that have proven popular with wine lovers and health nuts alike.

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