Grand Cru: Join the Cru

Become a part of the Cru as founder and CEO Matthew Gerard explains our commitment to meeting your wine storage requirements.


The personalised journey starts with my wife and I building and coming up with the brand name. We’re not a corporate entity – we were and are a small business so part of our point of difference is personalising our journey with you. You can ring me on the phone, talk about your wine storage issues and I’m happy to provide you with recommendations of a Grand Cru model. If we haven’t got a model, I’m happy to provide you with a recommendation for someone else.

My main aim is to make sure you’ve got the solution that suits you best. If you’re on our website and you want to live chat, you’ll do that with me even at 1o’clock in the morning. I try to provide a personalised service at every point of contact. Sometimes, I’m in the car, sometimes I’m just not available to take everybody’s call, but I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. That’s perhaps a downside of personalising service but I think the upside is far more beneficial. You get to talk to me, the owner of the business, and I look after you as I would look after myself when it comes to my own wine collection.

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