Break Iso With a Trip to Our Top Wine Bar Picks

Restaurants, cafes and bars are throwing their doors back open after a difficult past few months of lockdown. While the COVID-19 crisis has dealt the hospitality sector a cruel blow, the easing of restrictions allows us to head out and show our support for our country’s fine dining scene. While we are sad to see some of our favourites still behind closed doors, some who may never open up again, we are encouraged by the fact that we can play a part in helping the hospitality industry get back on its feet.

Now is the time to enjoy our first taste of new-found freedom and head to our pick of Australia’s best wine bars. We have done a city-by-city scoop of the premium bars on offer, giving you the perfect excuse to go out and raise a glass to our efforts to quash the spread of coronavirus. Here are our top wine bar picks to enjoy your first post-iso outing! 


Embla, Marion, Napier Quarter, Bar Liberty, Agostino


Poly, Coogee Wine Room, Ode, Bar Clementine, Monopole


Mr Chester Wine Bar, La Lune Wine Co, Carl’s, Grape Therapy, Snack Man


Orana, Africola, Udaberri, Mother Vine, 2KW


Shadow Wine Bar, No Mafia, Lalla Rookh, Strange Company, Tiny’s


Vincent, Parlour Wine Room, Bacaro, Bar Rochford, Joe’s Bar


Evolve, Gold Bar, IXL Long Bar, The Den, Rude Boy


Trader Bar, Stonehouse, PM Eat & Drink, Six Tanks Brew Co

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