Grand Cru: We Are Here For You

Discover everything there is to know about wine storage and appreciation with Grand Cru founder and CEO Matthew Gerard.


The Grand Cru Wine Fridges website is the best place to start your wine fridge journey. We’ve got our full range of wine fridges from the small through to the large 300 bottle capacity models and we’ve got our full range of accessories. We also have a superb section for blogs and media across a broad range of topics, plus that’s where you’ll find the support categories as well such as warranty, registration and service support. The other new section on our website now is an area dedicated to reviews, so we want you to look at those reviews and learn to trust us just as much as customers that already have a wine fridge have trusted us when they’ve purchased one. You can live chat with me if you’re on our website and our website also has our phone number. That does go to Reception, but will come to me so it will continue the personalised journey. Don’t forget, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram either!

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