Wine Bottles Are For More Than Drinking Thanks To These DIY Hacks

It is no secret that the best home décor pieces can come from the most innocuous items, allowing you to update your interior setting with that special one-of-a-kind piece. In a time where we are increasingly spending more of our days at home, these DIY décor projects are a cost-effective way to kill two birds with one stone – updating your home interior while passing the long lockdown time. 

If you are anything like the Grand Cru team, we have been enjoying a broad range of fine wines during the isolation. While many of us resign our used wine bottles to the trash can, the DIYers among us know that they can be transformed into a brilliant décor piece that could trump any store-bought accessory. Stripped of their labels and separated from their stoppers, your old wine bottles can form the basis of a stylish DIY décor project. Show your love for wine throughout your home with these crafty ways to repurpose your empty wine bottles.


Wine Vase

An old wine bottle can create a stunning vessel for flowers and other trinkets thanks to its shape and form, meaning it can work on its own or in tandem with other wine and glass bottles. If you prefer a rustic touch, leave your wine bottles au natural; if you’d like to add some colour, a glass enamel can add some vibrancy to your newfound vase.

Lighting displays

Lighting Displays

While we may not be able to entertain like we used to right now, some carefully curated lighting displays are a great way to spruce up your home and wash away the winter blues. Upcycle your used wine bottles into trendy lighting décor by feeding in strands of fairy lights or carefully lower tealights into the base of the bottle. Come summer, your wine bottle and homewares hybrid can be transformed into a unique citronella candle holder.



If you are an expert DIYer, this line of project may be a worthy iso challenge for you. Using a quality bottle cutter or glass cutting bits and some sandpaper, you can transform your empty wine bottles into a unique glassware set. 

Need to empty out some wine bottles to indulge your inner DIYer? Ensure your wines are ready to drink by investing in a quality storage solution from Grand Cru. Whether you want your wine at its drinkable best or would prefer to age them for a little longer, Grand Cru has a range of wine storage units to suit your various needs.