Grand Cru Wine & Beverage Fridge Combinations: Serve Your Wine and Beer at the Perfect Temperature

By Matthew Gerard on Jul 10, 2023

Imagine having the convenience of serving both your favourite wine and ice-cold beer or cider at their optimal temperatures in one sleek and stylish unit. With Grand Cru Wine & Beverage Fridge Combinatio...

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Exploring the Benefits of Dual-Zone Wine Fridges

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 26, 2023

There are many factors that go into proper wine storage, and for wine enthusiasts who appreciate both red and white wines, finding the ideal storage solution can be a challenge. That's where dual-zone wine f...

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Are You a Wine Daddy?

By Matthew Gerard on Feb 22, 2023

As a wine daddy, you are someone who is passionate about the culture and appreciation of wine. You are someone who enjoys not just the taste, but also the process of selecting, storing, and serving wine. Whe...

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Which Grand Cru Wine Fridge is Perfect for You?

By Matthew Gerard on Jun 17, 2022

Big or small? This is a question that pops up in the minds of many upcoming Grand Cru wine fridge owners but finding out which is best for you can be tricky. Read on to discover if one of Grand Cru’s more ex...

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Calling All Hospitality Owners! Mixologiq: The Cocktail Machine Designed to Simplify Your Business

By Matthew Gerard on Oct 11, 2021

All restaurants and bars need to have this! Mixologiq is a programable bartender designed to make cocktails in as little as fifteen seconds. This cocktail machine offers innovative functionalities – measurin...

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Grand Cru's Top Rated White Wines

By Matthew Gerard on Aug 09, 2021

Grand Cru’s Wine Concierge service has found some of Australia’s finest wines by exploring the harvest, history and creators behind each bottle of white wine. These white wines range from zesty, light, citru...

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It’s Time to Put Your Wine in The Can

By Matthew Gerard on Mar 02, 2020

Let’s be honest – there are plenty of wine lovers out there who would drink their favourite drop out of any vessel. However, the rise of the canned wine phenomenon has even the most astute of wine appreciato...

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Beyond The Mancave: 3 Places To Install Your Beverage Fridge

By Matthew Gerard on Jan 20, 2020

The ultimate home entertainer knows that it’s crucial to ensure that all your beverages are kept at the ideal temperature. From beers at a summer barbecue to Friday evening mocktails and easy afternoon drink...

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By Matthew Gerard on Nov 25, 2019

The days of warm wine and beer are over. Even the most accomplished of home entertainers can be presented with the same dilemma: how to serve a variety of drinks at their optimum temperature? One of your g...

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