Calling All Hospitality Owners! Mixologiq: The Cocktail Machine Designed to Simplify Your Business

All restaurants and bars need to have this!

Mixologiq is a programable bartender designed to make cocktails in as little as fifteen seconds. This cocktail machine offers innovative functionalities – measuring out the alcohol, syrups, and juices while blending or shaking your cocktail.


As a restaurant and bar owner, you are likely familiar with how time-consuming and difficult it can be to find an efficient and knowledgeable bartender. The expensive, extensive training costs and the never-ending issues of overpouring and waste can make this process unnecessarily challenging.


Are you looking to take control of your business costs and no longer be burdened by these issues?


The Mixologiq state-of-the-art cocktail machine has a unique touch-screen interface that allows you to select a cocktail with just two simple clicks of a button. It arrives accompanied by 100 pre-configured classic, signature and mocktail recipes that can be easily customised to your patrons' desires – including Mojitos, Margaritas, Sex on the Beaches, Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas, and many more. Everyone is a Cocktologist thanks to the Mixoloqic, with no training required.


Here are six reasons why restaurants and bars are loving Mixologiq:

1. Improved efficiency and speed.

2. No staff or bartender training is required.

3. The preloaded menu of 100 cocktails, all customisable, including juices.

4. Precise pouring to the centilitre, which ensures consistency, reduces waste and maximises profit.

5. An easy-to-use interactive touch screen that guarantees a beautiful and tasty cocktail in just 30 seconds after just two touches. 

6. Delivers revenue of $10,800 per month or $131,400 per year.


It is effortless to configure your very own recipes using the admin interface, and Mixologiq offers 20 bottle locations for your spirits, syrups, liqueurs, and juices to be stored. All necessary information, such as garnishes, types of glass, and ice, is displayed on the touch screen to ensure the drink is executed to perfection every time. The Mixlogiq also offers up to 240 cocktails per hour without compromising on performance.

Thanks to Mixologiq's self-cleaning feature, it also requires very little upkeep. Simply replace the bottles by the cleaning tank and launch the automated cleaning program. Still need convincing?



The Mixologiq has a consistent quality of cocktails served quickly, which is an excellent way to attract and maintain loyal, satisfied customers. Say goodbye to spending 20 minutes on three cocktails during peak hour on a Friday night. Avoid the long lines and aversion of customers who are impatient for their beer, wine, or spirit due to the excessive time required to make them/


We'll say it again- the Mixologiq is the only cocktail machine in the world that prepares drinks in less than 15 seconds while ensuring the fresh quality of ingredients. It can help dramatically increase your revenue, as cocktails are the product with the highest profit margin sold at bars.


You can also increase profits by offering customers top-quality Mixologiq cocktails. Thanks to the inbuilt automatic ingredient measurement function, you can keep control of your costs and issues of waste, overpouring, and staff being unable to perform other tasks due to a busy bar.


Mixologiq's back-office dashboard software also provides easy online access, recipe customisation, real-time behavioural data storage, software updates and predictive serving notifications.



Mixologiq is the only automated cocktail machine in the world capable of resolving critical issues facing bar owners today: time, money, cocktail quality, and preparation time. What's not to love?

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