5 Ways to Enjoy Your Wine

Growing your collection of fine wine is a process that may take years of searching and tasting to perfect – but are you allowing your bottles to reach their complete potential?


Although you may have been enjoying your wine from the first pour, storing and treating it correctly will allow all of its notes, from bold to hidden, to flourish and maintain their unique flavour profile for longer. As every bottle is unique, here are five ways to complement your collection and appreciate your wine like never before.


Sustaining the Right Temperature

While it may be more convenient and accessible to leave your wine in the fridge, storing it at the incorrect temperature for its composition may be compromising its quality and longevity. To allow its full expression and flavour profile to shine, red wine should be stored at 16 degrees Celsius, slightly cooler than the average room temperature. This is why wine cellars are a common storage solution amongst sommeliers, as the lack of light means that the space is unlikely to overheat. Meanwhile, you may have understood that white wine is best stored and served chilled, but your fridge may actually be too cold for your collection, as the ideal temperature for white wine falls between 6 and 8 degrees depending on the style. But how can these precise temperatures be maintained in your home?



Invest in a Wine Fridge

In all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, the perfect wine fridge is now available for every home with precise temperature control. Whether you’re beginning your connoisseur journey or have a sizeable selection to store, Grand Cru Wine Fridges are designed for intelligent, protective storage of over 200 bottles. And for lovers of red and white alike, the dual-zone and multi-zone collections can store your wines side-by-side, at their premium temperatures, for optimal convenience. To find the optimal wine fridge fit for your space, the Wine Fridge Finder will match your collection to an incredible storage solution.


Serve and Savour

Now that your wine has been stored to perfection, its full profile is ready to enjoy – so how should it be served? A decanter will expertly aerate your bottle as it travels through the crystal, allowing your wine to breathe while enhancing its flavours and aroma. This transferring process between your wine bottle and decanter also eliminates sediment, providing a smoother and richer drinking experience – and the long, decorative design of your decanter makes serving each glass a beautiful sight.


Although aeration will intensify your wine’s taste while drinking, excess oxygen that becomes trapped inside the bottle after partial use can age and de-preserve your wine before you have the opportunity to enjoy it again. A Coravin Wine Preservation system extracts the wine from each bottle without the removal of its cork, allowing it to maintain its uncompromised, full flavour for far longer. No need to worry about rushing through another glass any longer – a Coravin system will extend your wine’s longevity as well as your enjoyment of it.


Drink in Style with Premium Glasses

For years, wine experts and lovers alike have innovated the perfect glassware for every variation of wine to allow it to reach its full potential, from large and aerated designs to liven up full-bodied reds, to tall and slender champagne flutes to sustain the characteristic bubbles. Plumm’s ultra-fine, European crystal wine glasses have been created to enhance every pour to perfection – including the new, innovative Universal Glass collection, providing versatility and compatibility with all wine variations. For glassware collections big or small, choosing the right vessel for your wine is now easier than ever.


Try New Wine

It may sound simple, but extracting the most enjoyment out of your wine often involves expanding and exploring your palate. By constantly tasting new flavours and varieties from new producers, you may discover taste and aroma preferences you were previously unaware of – allowing your horizons to broaden and collection to grow. Here are six wines from the finest producers across Australia’s viticulture regions that we recommend:


For a dry and full-bodied drinking experience with a cigar box character and flavours of spicy oak, fresh herbs, and plum, the exquisite Delatite Estate Cabernet Merlot is a robust red unlike any other.


Powerful and bold with a strong tannis finish, the Red Edge Estate Shiraz is a luscious, dark, and fruitful essential for every shiraz lover’s collection.


Combining rich chocolate, cassis, and red berry flavours, the Abacus Cabernet Sauvignon leaves a decadent, lasting impression.


Expand your Chardonnay experience this holiday season with the incredible Banks Road Chardonnay, featuring a dry citrus taste.


A unique rose with an enticing twist, the Delatite Estate Shiraz Rose is medium bodied with light allusions of berry.


Finally, for an added touch of sweetness and delicious Summer fruit flavour blend, the Peerick Two Nurses Viognier is a white wine to remember.


Still seeking to expand your wine experience even further? The WINE FINDER by GC Wine Concierge will match your wine preferences with two distinct, divine wines from up-and-coming Australian producers after only four questions. Make the most of your wine enjoyment and savour every pour with Grand Cru.