The Exciting New Tool for Finding Your Perfect Wine

Whether you are looking to find a wine that really speaks your language or develop your knowledge through discovering something new, Grand Cru Wines’ exciting new Wine Concierge tool is simply a must try for anyone that has a passion for vino.

Using Grand Cru’s exclusive matching system, the Wine Concierge can curate a personalised list of world-class wines that have been tailor selected to match your unique tastebuds and preference.

Excited and intrigued by the opportunity to have Grand Cru Wine unearth a personalised list of wines that best suit my palate, I gave the Wine Concierge a try. The tool is extremely easy to navigate and takes a matter of seconds for wine lovers to answer a few simple questions about their taste preference before the experts take over to handle the rest.

Whether you are a lover of white wine that is either zesty and fresh or heavier on oaky aromas and complexity, or you are a red wine enthusiast that is looking for something either delicate or robust, the Wine Concierge uses your unique tastes and preferences to pair you with exquisite world-class wines and producers that certainly cannot be found at your local bottle shop.

As someone who very much enjoys a glass of wine and was looking to further broaden my knowledge, the Wine Concierge served as an educational and informative tool that can assist one in developing a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of style, aroma, and taste.

Ultimately, if you are a lover of fine wine that is eager to discover new tastes and to find the perfect drink to match your tastebuds, Grand Cru’s Wine Concierge is the perfect tool for you. Not only will Grand Cru’s Wine finder point you in the direction of your perfect wine, but they also make it extremely simple to have a bottle delivered to your door, without the hassle of having to search far and wide for an otherwise rare world-class vino.

Follow the link below to answer the Wine Concierges very short questions and allow the wine experts to pick your poison.

WINE FINDER by GC Wine Concierge.