World-Class Cocktails in a Can - the Perfect Party Pleaser This Summer!

Created and perfected with the finest ingredients from around the world, Curatif has spent decades learning and perfecting mixology to provide you with cocktails unlike any other. Discover the secret to elevating every occasion – in a can.

Curatif aspires to craft luxury cocktails that provide convenience without compromise. With Summer and the festive season around the corner, these classy cocktail cans are the perfect gift. Available to purchase in a four-pack at Grand Cru, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favourites.


Never Never Negroni

Curatif's Never Never Distilling Co Negroni is a perfectly blended homage to the monarch of classic Italian aperitifs. The unmistakable, irreplaceable bitter orange profile of Campari, the fundamental flourish inside every Negroni, acts as a perfect foundation. This flavour is then enhanced by the elegant and refined Mancino Vermouth Rosso, created by superstar bartender Giancarlo Mancino, to flex its complexity borne of the 38 botanicals employed in its creation. Mancino's Vermouth's sweetness and luxury are tempered by juniper elements, which are matched and elevated perfectly by Never Never Distilling Co's multi Gold Medal-winning Triple Juniper Gin. Combining these elements' length and complexity creates an incredible harmony of depth, texture, balance, and flavour, creating an unparalleled Negroni.


Archie Rose Espresso Martini


To create Australia’s most awarded Espresso Martini, we began with specialty brewed coffee from Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters. Expertly blended with Archie Rose Original Vodka, the harmony of these two critically acclaimed Australian icons delivers unrivalled excellence in the form of this perfectly balanced Espresso Martini can.


Tequila Tromba Tommy's Margarita

A thirst-quenching, poolside delight. Tommy’s Margarita heroes Tequila Tromba - a company started by a couple of incredible Australians who produce world-class tequila out of Jalisco, Mexico, with world-renowned master distiller Cedano. With lime juice squeezed fresh from the Central Coast, this perfectly balanced cocktail has been crafted to elevate your Summer enjoyment.


Plantation Fancy Pineapple Rum Daiquiri

This is the drink that escaped while no one was looking. It’s the Harley Quinn of the cocktail world - sweet, beautiful, and as dangerous as they come. Distilled in Ferrand Copper Pot Stills and excitingly paired with the crisp, acid, sweet profile of Australian central coast limes, all of which is balanced to perfection by locally prepared agave syrup and Australian pressed cane sugar.


Trader Vic’s Mai Tai

A Tiki classic, our Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is peerlessly blended aged and unaged rums, bringing with them characters of caramel, oak, heat, and molasses. The dry and complex bitter orange tones of Ferrand Dry Curacao elevate the warmth and develop the foundations of the citrus flavours, compounded by the tart acidity of Australian limes. All of these profiles are gently balanced by the charming tones of Crawley’s Orgeat syrup, characterised by its nutty almond elegance and subtle spice. With the inclusion of a flourish of Angostura Bitters to carefully bevel the sweet elements, this drink becomes something more than the sum of its parts; it becomes the very best.


The perfect cocktail for every occasion, these cocktail cans are convenient while maintaining unparallel flavours with only the best and finest ingredients. Bring the bar to where you are this summer, shop the range at Grand Cru today: