Grand Cru's Top Rated White Wines

Grand Cru’s Wine Concierge service has found some of Australia’s finest wines by exploring the harvest, history and creators behind each bottle of white wine. These white wines range from zesty, light, citrus based flavours to heavier, complex white wines with oaky aromas. 

Here are some of the hidden gems of Australian white wines on offer today.


Delatite Estate Late Harvest Riesling:

Delatite Estate’s family-owned winery and vineyard, established in 1968, is located at the base of Mt Buller in the Upper Goulburn wine region of Victoria. The Estate implements biodynamic cultivation practises, with no herbicides, insecticides or fungicides to naturally extract a strong, unique flavour. 


Their late harvest riesling echoes the flavours of lime cordial, accentuating flavours of grapefruit and tonic for a juicy, vibrant taste. Their grapes are cultivated later than normal riesling, which allows the fruit to ripen completely until slightly shrivelled, and concentrates the sweet flavour of the fruit.

Delatite Estate Late Harvest Riesling



Banks Road Chardonnay:

Banks Road Winery is a family-owned winery and vineyard, located on the Bellarine Peninsula, south-west of Melbourne, Victoria. Banks Road’s vineyards are low yielding, encouraging naturally high acidity and sugar levels. 

This chardonnay has a nutty, buttery background, with aromas of peaches and citrus. It has a crisp dry finish, pairing nicely with rich baked seafood. 

Banks Road Chardonnay


Lethbridge Chardonnay:

Lethbridge Winery is located in Moorabool Valley in the Geelong wine region, growing their vineyards on site with biodynamic principles, as well as sourcing grapes from across Victoria and New South Wales. 

Their chardonnay offers aromas of pear and nectarines, as well as dried honey and notes of spice. It has traces of oak tannins and spice almonds, with a fresh and complex finish. 

Lethbridge Chardonnay


Dogrock El Blanco White Blend:

Dogrock Winery is located on the Western side of Victoria's Pyrenees mountain range. Dogrock sustainably produces complex wines that retain their delicate and fresh fruit flavours. 

This white blend is crafted from Estate grown Chardonnay, Riesling, Viognier and Marsanne grapes. It has substantial spice and texture, and is very European in style with a dry finish.

Dogrock El Blanco White Blend

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