It’s Time to Put Your Wine in The Can

Let’s be honest – there are plenty of wine lovers out there who would drink their favourite drop out of any vessel. However, the rise of the canned wine phenomenon has even the most astute of wine appreciators considering if they’d ever consume wine out of a can. 

In the midst of what seems like endless fads being churned out of the food and beverage industry, the ‘wine in a can’ trend is the one that is most likely to strike a chord with vino enthusiasts. Many appreciators may be nonplussed by the idea of wine being available in anything but a bottle, but this non-traditional trend is proving to be a popular one in the viticulture industry. This practical way to transport and enjoy way is fast becoming a growing category in the wine market, moving beyond a fad to evolve into a fully-fledged niche. A Nielsen report showed that canned wine sales had risen 69 per cent in the year ending June 2019, with suppliers, retailers, producers and younger consumers driving this increase of interest in ‘wine in a can’.

So just why has canned wine become such a popular feature in an already competitive market? Many producers have noted that canned varieties are a convenient and responsible way to enjoy wine on-the-go – they offer safe and easy transport, meaning you can enjoy these wines in a range of environments from outdoor events to camping trips. They also provide a great solution to keeping your consumption in check, as you have the ability to enjoy the equivalent of one to two glasses rather than an entire bottle. Plenty of marketing around canned wine also focuses on enjoyment with family and friends and introducing consumers to great wine without the intimidation of corking and decanting. Perhaps this is why the millennial market has been the primary consumer of canned wine, with young females being the prime purchasers of the ‘wine in a can’ trend. 

While canned wine is gradually finding momentum in Australian viticulture, it is important to remember that this variety isn’t designed to be a substitute for a fine bottle of wine. Canned wines may be cropping up on the shelves of your local Dan Murphy’s, but it is vital to consider this new trend as an addition to the market rather than a rival to the traditional bottle. It may be an innovative way to enjoy a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir at your next family picnic, but canned wine definitely isn’t here to replace the whizz and pop of the cork that comes before enjoying a quality bottle of wine in fine dining settings.

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