FRANC: The Ultimate Helping Hand in Storage Monitoring

From the house and kids to our devices and assets, there is so much for us to keep an eye on in the modern world. We are required to constantly monitor our property, whether it be our cars or our finances, to ensure that everything is working to the best of its ability, while being safe and secure from external threats. On top of everyday life, from work and school to working out what’s for dinner, this need to continually survey becomes yet another thing to add to our to-do lists. Necessary? Yes. Exhausting? You bet.

Imagine having a set of helping hands that can keep an eye on some of your most prized possessions when you can’t, watching over them and notifying you when things start to go askew. Enter FRANC, a temperature and humidity monitor that does exactly that.

FRANC offers an innovative way to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your storage space, whether that be a cellar or the small alcove under your stairs. FRANC uses Wi-Fi connection and Cloud technology to record the temperature and humidity levels of your storage area, before sending you updates when these levels fall outside your predetermined optimum range. This means that FRANC solves the problem before it even becomes an issue, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to regulate the temperature of your storage space before disaster strikes.

While FRANC can be used in a multitude of spaces, from a remote storage facility to medical supply rooms, it was designed with wine storage in mind. Whether you are a bona fide wine lover or hospitality business owner, your wine collection requires careful and considered temperature control to ensure it is kept at its optimum. FRANC can be placed in your wine fridge, cellar or storage cupboard to watch over your collection and alert you of any changes to your set temperature range. While summer may be over and the weather is starting to cool down, it is vital to remember that wine can spoil when exposed to fluctuating temperatures – that makes it all the more important to have a quality temperature and humidity monitor by your side.

If you want to take the complications of storage off your to-do list, look no further than FRANC. Find out more about this innovative temperature and storage monitor via Grand Cru, FRANC’s exclusive Australian distributors.