That’s Plumm: Introducing Australia’s Leading Glassware Brand

If you want to elevate your favourite wines from good to great, look no further than Plumm’s premium range of glassware. Melburnian born and bred, Plumm is Australia’s first glassware brand to produce quality glasses for specific wine styles. This world leader in glassware has a range of options that will enhance your viticulture experience and allow your favourites wine to shine.

Not only is Plumm Australia’s best, it’s also a leader in the glassware industry. Plumm was created out of extensive research in collaboration with some of the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine professionals. This expertise allows Plumm to understand that using the right wine glass can seriously elevate your glass of wine to a spectacular one, making it an industry leader when it comes to producing glassware that complements your favourite drop. Made using the highest quality European crystal, Plumm’s wide range of styles appeal to everyone from budding wine enthusiasts to bona fide aficionados.

Matthew Gerard from Grand Cru favours Plumm glassware for this reason, noting that its high quality reputation makes it stand out from the crowd.

“I choose Plumm glassware because of its high quality and its status as an industry leader in glassware both here in Australia and around the world. At Grand Cru we only like to offer our customers the best, which is why we stock premium Plumm products as part of our glassware range.” 

Plumm also raises the bar when it comes to glassware research, with extensive testing revealing four distinctive glass shapes for both red and white wines that were concluded to have improved the wine drinking experience. Plumm used this research to develop their glassware range, as well as speciality glasses for your favourite sparkling wine and champagne. Plumm’s premium range of decanters are a luxury option for those who really like to get the best out of their wine.

Plumm glassware is centred around four ranges, each offering a different experience to savour your prized wines. The Handmade range is the piece de resistance, carefully mouth-blown ad made from premium European crystal to create a balanced yet unforgettable glassware experience. The larger bowl size featured in the Handmade line makes them the premium glassware options for your very best wines, whether that be a red, white or sparkling,

The Vintage range is tailored for everyday luxury, with the collection designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use due to its dishwasher friendly construction. This versatile design is perfect for enjoying your favourite reds, white and sparkling wines on a daily basis. The Stemless collection is a contemporary take on glassware – the relaxed shape makes them perfect for not only your favourite wines, but also other beverages such as cocktails, spirits, beer and even water.

Plumm’s outdoor range allows you to sample your finest wines outside the confines of your home – made from polycarbonate and with the same distinct shapes of Plumm’s Vintage and Stemless ranges, these unbreakable glasses can be used to enjoy your favourite reds, whites and sparkling wines in a range of environments.

 Discover more of the Plumm range with Grand Cru, one of Australia’s leading providers of wine storage solutions. Once you’ve sorted out your wine fridge and glassware needs, why not explore Grand Cru’s extensive Coravin Systems to further enhance your wine experience? Visit today.