Beyond The Mancave: 3 Places To Install Your Beverage Fridge

The ultimate home entertainer knows that it’s crucial to ensure that all your beverages are kept at the ideal temperature. From beers at a summer barbecue to Friday evening mocktails and easy afternoon drinks, there’s no doubt that these beverages are best enjoyed icy cold. While your wine fridge may cater to the needs of your wine collection, it isn’t the ideal unit for meeting the temperature needs of your beers and soft drinks. A dedicated bar fridge will ensure they are stored at cooler temperatures so they can be consumed at their icy best.

While a drinks fridge is definitely at home in your entertainment area, you don’t always have to keep your unit nestled between the barbie and the bar. Look beyond the mancave to discover some creative storage locations for your beverage fridge.

Under the kitchen bench

It’s easy to overlook the kitchen as a storage location for your bar fridge – with the actual fridge taking centre stage, many people believe they don’t need a separate unit in the same space for all their drinks. If space permits, however, the kitchen is a great location for your beverages if you have an already crowded fridge that is often overflowing with extra beers and soft drinks. A bar fridge fitted under your kitchen bench not only addresses these extra drinks, but also allows for ease of access thanks to its close proximity.  

In the study

Freestanding beverage fridges offer fantastic versatility when it comes to storage locations, as they can be fitted in just about every nook and cranny of your home. Keeping your fridge in the study ensures it stays out of the way of the hustle and bustle of your household, reducing clutter in the high traffic zones of your home. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nice cold soft drink when they’re in the middle of a work or study session?

In a bedroom

Many people would regard bar fridges as a key component of the mancave, but it can also find a great home in bedrooms. Whether you decide to treat it as a piece of furniture or conceal it in a cupboard, a drinks fridge can be a fantastic addition to a spacious bedroom. It could also find a great home in rooms belonging to young adults, as they can have cool drinks on hand while studying or entertaining their friends.

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