The days of warm wine and beer are over.

Even the most accomplished of home entertainers can be presented with the same dilemma: how to serve a variety of drinks at their optimum temperature?

One of your guests may ask for a Champagne, while another may request a Merlot. Then, someone asks for an ice cold Heineken, before another guest checks to see if you can serve them a perfectly chilled glass of Coca Cola. These beverages all have different storage and serving needs to ensure they can be enjoyed at their optimum.

A storage unit that combines a wine and beverage fridge is a good solution to this dilemma. A fridge that combines wine and beverage storage allows you to get the best out of both worlds as an array of beverages can be stored at their ideal temperature, ensuring that they are chilled to perfection at the time of serving. Combo units also provides a safe storage space for your wine, keeping it protected and preserved without compromising on the temperatures of other beverages such as beer and soft drink.

The wine and beverage fridge combination is a worthwhile investment for the enthusiastic home entertainer, especially if you find yourself frequently entertaining family, friends and other guests with dinners, gatherings and parties. Grand Cru’s newly released range of wine and beverage fridge bundles are a great storage solution for the ultimate entertainer – they are compact enough for under bench settings yet have the capability to hold up to 46 wine bottles, while their sleek finish adds a touch of sophistication to any entertainment space. Designed for use both indoors and in alfresco settings, Grand Cru’s wine and beverage fridge bundles save space by negating the need for separate wine and bar fridges in your entertainment area.

Grand Cru understands that with every wine storage solution comes the need for some essential accessories to ensure that you are fully savouring every bottle of wine in your collection. Thanks to their range of Coravin systems, you can enjoy a beautiful glass of wine without pulling the cork, maintaining the balance of your bottle while allowing you to sample your collection by the glass over time.