Chardonnay - The Perfect Wine for Winter!

Make white wine your new winter choice! Whilst red varieties are a typical winter choice, white wines, for example Chardonnay, can be the perfect choice to warm you this winter. 

Chardonnay wines come in full-bodied and warm varieties, which make them a well-suited drink for winter. A rich Chardonnay bottle is the perfect compliment to winter soups or heavier meat-based dishes. 

Chardonnay vitis vinifera varieties are usually quite neutral in flavour, which is why the winemaking process is so important in gaining strong, warm notes. A process called malolactic fermentation during production gives Chardonnay a buttery, smooth flavour - in addition to the ageing process in oak barrels, which further adds a vanilla taste. Chardonnay from cooler climates, including areas like the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, also often contains apple and pear flavours. 

Chardonnay during winter is best served slightly warmed, at around 10-13°C, which releases strong flavours and aromas. Let the bottle sit out of the fridge for 30 minutes prior to serving. 

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