What Are Orange Wines?

Orange wines, otherwise known as Amber wines, are becoming increasingly popular as a truly unique wine! Orange/Amber wines are named after its bright, warm, orange colour - not because they are made from oranges, and not because they taste like orange. 

What are orange wines?

Contrary to popular belief, orange wines are actually made from white grape varieties. Its distinct orange colour is created naturally as part of the winemaking and fermentation process. 

This is because whilst wine wine grapes are traditionally fermented without grape skin, orange wines are produced in a similar fashion to red wine - it is processed with the grape skin still on. This allows the orange hue to occur, which depending on the level of oxidation, often ranges from bright oranges to brown tones. 

What do orange wines taste like?

Also contrary to popular belief, orange wines do not taste orangey. Instead, they have a similar tannic character to light red wine varieties. This distinct taste only adds to orange wine’s uniqueness - although it is made from white grape varieties, it holds greater similarities to red wine. Orange wines are not as bold or heavy as traditional red varieties, they are typically quite fruity. 

How should you serve orange wines?

Orange wines are best served at a ‘cellar temperature’, which is usually slightly cooler than a red wine.