Elevate Your Enjoyment With These Wine Accessories

When it comes to wine accessories, there are plenty of gadgets and items that can enhance your appreciation and enjoyment. However, the sheer abundance of wine enjoyment accessories can make it difficult to distinguish which ones could be the perfect complement to your wine collection. 

At Grand Cru, we have a wide range of wine accessories available to develop your wine appreciation. From Coravin and Vinturi to premium Plumm glassware, you will be spoiled for choice with our selection. Not sure which accessories will fit into your wine repertoire? Let’s explore our range of wine accessories to discover which items will elevate your collection.



Bona fide wine lovers rejoice - Grand Cru stocks Coravin systems to help you sample your collection one bottle at a time. These systems allow you to taste, aerate and experience all the wines in your collection without having to pull the cork, meaning you can savour the integrity of your wine while still being able to sample it. If you are the owner of an extensive wine collection that requires sampling, a Coravin system could be the perfect wine investment for you as you will have the freedom to taste your wine without removing the cork. 



Decanting can be an arduous process that drives away even the most committed wine connoisseurs. However, your wine can be decanted in seconds rather than hours with a Vinturi wine aerator. If you want your wine to be brimming with sophisticated flavours and aromas characteristic of hours of decanting but want to speed up the process, a Vinturi aerator is a worthy investment.



Looking for quality glassware with a homegrown touch? You cannot go past Plumm’s range of premium glassware. The experts at Plumm understand that using the right wine glass can make the difference between a good glass of wine and a great one – that is why have engaged in extensive research to create wine glasses that embody elegance and simplicity. From stemless glasses to outdoor-friendly models, there really is a piece of Plumm glassware for over wine lover.

Now you have found some accessories to enhance your wine enjoyment, why not discover a storage unit that elevates your collection? Explore Grand Cru’s range of wine storage solutions today.