Which Red Wine Are You?

Many of us are happy to flit between red and white wine, but there are just as many wine lovers and occasional appreciators out there who firmly stick to one type of wine.

It seems that those who have a preference for red or white actually differ in more ways than varying palates – thanks to a study commissioned by Coravin across the U.S, it also seems that red and white wine drinkers have different personality traits. 

In what may come as a surprise to many, red wine drinkers were found to be more introverted than their white wine loving counterparts. You would assume that those who prefer the rich, bold flavours of reds would be more extroverted by nature, but it appears that they are more likely to be quieter, calmer types instead. 

The study found that red wine drinkers are adventurous, humble and organised dog-lovers who rise early and listen to jazz in their spare time. Red drinkers are more likely to self-identify as wine aficionados and are able to back up these claims too – they knew what tannins were and how long wine took to oxidise in greater numbers than white wine drinkers. 

If you are a red wine lover, you may be interested to find out which wine best matches your personality. We’ve created some wine persona profiles to help you find your ultimate red wine pairing!

Pinot Noir: perfect match for the red wine drinking introvert

This dry, light bodied wine is one of the softer reds on the market, allowing its inner introvert to shine through when served at its optimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. Thanks to fruity flavours of cherry and raspberry, Pinot Noir offers a silky-smooth finish that is sweeter in taste than your typical red.

The lighter body of Pinot Noir makes it perfect for introverts who prefer the nuanced side of life. It has to be said that a glass of Pinot Noir is best enjoyed at home, whether that be over a cosy dinner or curled up watching your favourite TV show.

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Shiraz: best of both worlds  

Despite its reputation as a bold, complex wine, Shiraz can embody both extroverted and introverted tendencies. This hearty blend of rich, ripe flavours like black fruit and pepper make it a commanding red, especially when served between 16-18 degrees Celsius.

While this powerful wine is a great match for powerful personalities, it can also take on the persona of quiet, confident types who exude intelligence without the fanfare.

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Cabernet Sauvignon: an extrovert’s red wine

When you think of a good cab sav, the first words that come to mind are sure to be bold, complex and full. This tannic red is a wine that should not be taken lightly, thanks to its strong flavours of black cherry, black currant and cedar.

This sumptuous wine, which is best served between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius, is the ideal match for red wine drinkers who lean towards a more extroverted persona. Its full flavour is a lot to absorb, making it as vibrant and bold as an extroverted personality.

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