Wine Basics - What Glass Should I Use?

Red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses, whiskey glasses, the list of glasses for your alcoholic beverage of choice can seem truly endless sometimes. You may be wondering what’s the difference between all these glasses, or why it matters what glass you use for your drinks. 


The anatomy of all wine glasses is pretty similar. There is a ‘bowl’ (this is the part of the glass that holds your wine), a stem (the part you hold), and a foot (the part that sits on the table). There are many different types of wine glasses. The part that varies is generally the size and shape of the bowl and the length of the stem. The key part is the way that the shape of your glass collects aromas and how you drink from it. The shape of the bowl also determines how much oxygen can get to your wine.


White wine glasses are generally served in glasses with smaller bowls. Smaller bowls make it harder for aromas to escape. As it keeps the aromas contained, it also helps to deliver more aroma as you drink due to its closeness you your nose. They also maintain a cooler temperature, so that your wine is served at its optimal temperature. Some white wine glasses may have a slightly larger bowl, however. This helps to highlight the texture of the wine due to its wider mouth.

Red wine glasses are generally served in larger bowled glasses. Glasses with larger bowls allow for more oxygen to come in contact with the wine. These glasses are also easier to swirl, which (when done properly) can aerate the wine and make it taste better. The different shapes of red wine glasses are due to the different needs of the various types of red wines. Some glasses moderate the bitterness of tannin better than others, and some make spicy-tasting wines appear smoother.


You may also find yourself needing some specialty wine glasses too. These glasses differ from your usual red or white wine glasses. Sparkling wine glasses usually have a longer, flute-like body, and dessert wine glasses have a more compact shape to emphasise rich aromas and flavours. 


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