Grand Cru’s Top 5 Large Wine Fridges

Whether you’re a serious wine connoisseur or a new enthusiast, Grand Cru has an extensive range of premium wine fridges and wine storage solutions for your every need.  Proper wine storage is essential to make sure that your wine stays in its optimal condition. There are many factors that can impact your wine. Different wines have different temperature needs and other elements like temperature stability, ventilation, humidity, brightness, and security should also be considered to keep your wine safe and in its best state.


We know that that may seem like a lot to consider. So here are 5 of our top large wine fridges to help you choose!


Grand Cru Black 366DB


With the Grand Cru Black 366DB, you’ll never have to stress about running out of space for your wines. This fridge is fit for a king with its sizable capacity of 366 bottles, and with its dual temperature zones, this fridge is suited for your red and white wines. Looking sleek with its striking modern black finish and ​​black or natural timber shelf trims, this fridge is a charming addition for your storage needs. Display shelves are also included to present your most precious labels.



Grand Cru Black 332QB


With a new ultra-modern black finish, the Grand Cru Black 332QB should be on your mind for your convenient home cellaring. This fridge doesn't just have dual temperature zones - it comes with 4 temperature zones! With its large capacity of 332 bottles and ability to hold all your different kinds of red and white wines, this fridge is ideal for any wine aficionado.



Grand Cru Black & Timber 332QBT


This modern black 332 bottle quad zone wine fridge comes with 26 x telescopic black powder coated wire shelves with natural timber trim. Store all your wines in one place comfortably and know that they will all be kept in the best conditions with regulated humidity control and temperature control with the Grand Cru Black & Timber 332QBT. With its modern black rimless glass door with integrated handles, this fridge is a sophisticated choice for your home cellar.



Grand Cru 332Q


Perfected for serious home cellaring is the Grand Cru 332Q. This model comes with stylish stainless steel door frames and 26 telescopic slide-out powder-coated wire shelves with natural timber trim. This superb 2-door quadruple zone wine fridge has a large capacity of 332 bottles – ideal for holding all the red and white wines you could imagine!


Grand Cru Label View 286DBLV


If you’re a collector who enjoys the beauty of a wine label, the Grand Cru Label View 286DBLV is the perfect fridge for you. This sleek design with patented ‘label view’ telescopic shelving fits all bottle shapes and is designed for collectors with discerning tastes and beautiful wine labels. With state-of-the-art compressor cooling, this 286-bottle wine fridge showcases and protects your wine in climate-controlled comfort.


Whether you need a wine fridge for your home, office or restaurant, Grand Cru has a wine storage solution for you. Visit Grand Cru’s Wine Fridge Finder to help you figure out which fridge is perfect for you. Take our quick quiz and get your personalised recommendations sent right to you!