Become A True Wine Connoisseur - Invest In A Grand Cru Wine Fridge

For the basic wine fan, storing unopened bottles may look like storing them in the fridge amongst all the groceries and leftovers, or in an unsightly bottle rack, shoved away in the corner of your dining room. For the experienced wine connoisseur, they know that an Australian-made Grand Cru wine fridge is the optimal way to store any kind of wine they purchase.

Storing wine at their optimal temperature is crucial to keeping them at their best. Grand Cru wine refrigerators come in single, double, and multi temperature zone options, to suit the needs of you and your wines. Keeping your wine in the right humidity is also important, which is why all our luxury wine fridges have regulated humidity control. It’s safe to say that your living room wine rack experiences a wide range of temperatures and changes in humidity, lowering their quality.

Whether you have limited space or area to spare, there is a wine fridge that can fit in perfectly into your home. The freestanding Grand Cru 42S is a compact, counter-top wine fridge that houses up to 42 of your favourite tipples. The contemporary, sleek design and three classic colour options allows this fridge to slip into any kitchen or bar area seamlessly.

Grand Cru 42S

For those with more kitchen real estate, the Grand Cru Label View 320LV will fill in your space stylishly, showing off the beauty of your wine labels. Telescopic sliding allows the ten patented “Label View” shelves to slide in and out with ease, giving you the easiest access to your favourite wines. For the true wine connoisseur, this deluxe fridge can store up to 293 bottles and features a security locking system to ensure the safety of your precious vinos.

Grand Cru offers a five-year house warranty on all of our fridges, as they are constructed to the highest quality, to give you complete peace of mind.

To protect your beloved wines, and to become a true wine connoisseur, indulge yourself and purchase a Grand Cru wine refrigerator today. Contact us here or take our Wine Fridge Finder quiz to discover the perfect fridge for you and your needs.