The Top 3 Large Wine Fridges

Collecting and procuring large wine collections is easy- finding well-designed and accommodating storage is not! If you are serious about protecting your collection and having sophisticated accessible storage, this list of our top large wine fridges is essential. Here are the top fridges for 200+ bottle storage:


Grand Cru Label View 286DBLV

If you have a wine collection that’s worthy of display, this fridge featuring patented label view shelving is a must have. With a sleek and sophisticated look paired with black paneling and double-glazed tempered glass doors, this fridge makes our favourites list for its elegant design. With 286-bottle capacity and professional compressor cooling, it’s the perfect storage for the standout wines in your collection.

We all know not to judge a wine by its label, but it’s certainly a plus to have a place to show off your most treasured bottles in this multi-featured and luxurious wine fridge.


Grand Cru Black & Timber 332QBT

For wine connoisseurs who prioritise the importance of temperature control, this fridge boasts four separate temperature zones as well as sophisticated timber paneling for an authentic look.

The temperature zones are expertly designed to accommodate for long term storage, as well as ready to drink cooling for both white and red wines. With a hefty bottle capacity and a modern black finish, this fridge finds the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic. This model is well worth a thought if you want individualised and professional storage for your wines.


Grand Cru 640D

It’s grand, it’s mighty- the real deal for serious wine collectors. The Grand Cru 640D is our largest capacity, accommodating up to a massive 586 bottles of wine. This fridge is dual zoned for temperature adjustment and features 20 telescopic slide out wooden shelves for easy access to stored wines. The interior lighting makes it even easier to navigate your collection and gives this fridge an opulent look without feeling overwhelming. For the easiest storage solutions to large collections, this fridge is an essential addition to any wine enthusiast’s home.