The Top 5 White Wines Perfect for Autumn

Cooling temperatures and changing leaves marks autumns arrival for the year, and with it comes the time to don a jumper and enjoy a change of palate. Check out this list of the top 5 white wines perfect for the arrival of the season. 


Delatite Estate Gewurztraminer

Notes of Turkish delight, rosewater and lychee are all that’s needed to know why this wine makes a perfect autumn drink- something to liven the palate as the weather begins to cool. This off-dry Gewurztraminer is a perfect selection to pair with a spicy and flavorful meal and will easily enhance autumn flavours.


DogRock Degraves Road Chardonnay

The first Chardonnay on the list goes to this award-winning European style white. Produced with tradition and care in a Pyrenees located winery, this wine embodies the traits that make Chardonnay such a classic. This wine is a perfect treat to share with friends and family while soaking up the last warm days of the season.


Clarnette & Ludvigsen Grampians Riesling

A dry Riesling with citrus flavours is a must have to go with a crisp autumn breeze, and this 2020 Carnette and Ludvigsen white is as refreshing as it delicious. Some acidity for brightness paired with a medium body makes this wine balanced and worthy of a recommendation for the season.


Skigh Abacus Fume Blanc

If you haven’t tried this variety before, now is the time. ‘Fume Blanc’ was coined by an American winemaker putting a spin on Sauvignon Blanc, introducing ‘fume’ which is French for smoke-like or vaporous. This interesting wine produced in Margaret River is light and off-dry with delicate floral notes. If it’s time to branch out and give something new a try, this wine is an excellent start.


Bended Knee Chardonnay

This wild-fermented Chardonnay highlights everything exciting about up-and-coming wine trends. Produced using minimal artificial processes and with sustainability in mind, this playful wine has notes of bell clear pear, apple and stone fruit, with a hint of acidity for brightness.