Mixologiq - The Perfect Cocktail Solution

Everyone loves a good cocktail. Whether your drink of choice is an old fashioned, margarita, or a mojito, everyone can agree that going out for a cocktail (or two!) is a relaxing way to end your night. But making cocktails can be a time-consuming and expensive process. There’s training and lots and lots of practice involved with perfecting the art of cocktails. With Mixologiq, however, everyone is the best bartender! This device is the only automated cocktail machine in the world – helping you save time and make money. 


With the Mixologiq behind your bar, you can be sure that every drink is made right. The Mixologiq can guarantee: 

  • Speediness: this cocktail machine can prepare your drink in less than 30 seconds and prepare up to 120 drinks per hour. 
  • Consistency: get the perfect cocktails every time with its precise pouring and fresh quality of ingredients. 
  • Reporting: the systems interface keeps track of detailed usage statistics, so you’ll always know what you’re making. 
  • Ease of installation: all you need is a power supply and internet connection!
  • Ease of use: there’s no training required – the touch screen will display all necessary information such as garnishes, glass type, and ice requirements to make sure that the drink is perfect every time. The easy-to-use touch screen is also quick and convenient to navigate for everyone, improving ease and speed of use. 
  • Easy cleaning: the Mixologiq comes with a built-in 5-minute easy cleaning system; simply replace the bottles with the cleaning tank and launch the automated cleaning program. 


The Mixologiq also comes with your very own unique cocktail menu. This cocktail menu, designed by professional bartenders, includes all your favourite classics, signature drinks, and mocktails. If you’re a fan of custom or more intricate cocktails, the Mixologiq can serve you. In addition to the 100 pre-loaded cocktails, you also have the option to load and customise as many cocktails as you like!


Cocktails are the products with the highest margin sold at bars. With Mixologiq, you can easily increase your revenue. Offer your customers top tier cocktails every time and improve your profits. Mixologiq’s automatic ingredient measurement means precise pours every time. Overcome problems of overpouring and waste while you improve your bar’s effective working time. 


We all know that good service and good products are key to bringing customers back. With Mixologiq, you’ll get both. With a consistent quality of cocktails, served quickly, your bar will be the main attraction and bring people back time and again.


Make a better bar by buying a Mixologiq from Grand Cru here.