5 Small Wine Fridges for Convenient Home Cellaring

Grand Cru not only caters for the needs of established wine collectors and restaurants; Grand Cru also has an extensive range of small wine fridges to address the needs of any new collector, or simply someone who is looking for a new wine storage solution at home! A new small wine fridge could be the perfect addition to your home to improve your wine storage conditions. 

Here are 5 of our favourite small wine fridges to help you decide what’s best for you! 


Grand Cru Black 19SB


The Grand Cru Black 19SB is the ideal fridge for anyone in need of a wine storage solution for a narrow space. Its slimline design will allow installation in a 300mm wide cabinet cavity. With its striking black finish and black timber shelf trims, this fridge is an elegant addition for any home renovator or apartment owner who wants to spruce up their space. 


Grand Cru Label View 40SBLV


If you’re a wine lover who enjoys a beautiful label, the Grand Cru Label View 40SBLV is the perfect fridge for you. This sleek design with Grand Cru’s patented ‘label view’ telescopic shelving fits all bottle shapes so that you can properly store your wine without having to forsake the label. These shelves position your wine bottle parallel to the fridge's window and are 80% telescopic sliding, so you can easily view and access all your wines - even the ones tucked away at the back!


Grand Cru 42SWHT


One of the most popular fridges from Australia's fastest-growing brand of premium wine fridges and wine storage solutions is the Grand Cru 42SWHT. With its distinctive and contemporary look and unique curved door design, this fridge will set you apart from other wine aficionados. This bench-top wine fridge also comes in red and black variations, to fit in with your unique style.  


Grand Cru Black 46DB


The Grand Cru Black 46DB comes with a new modern black finish. Whether you’re a fan of red wines or white wines, or both, this fridge is the ideal choice for you. With its dual temperature zones and large capacity of 46 bottles, you can store all the wine your heart desires!


Grand Cru 46DBBUN


If you, someone else at home or an endeared guest prefer beers and ciders over wine, the Grand Cru 46DBBUN can keep everyone satisfied. This wine and beverage fridge combination will keep your wines, beers and ciders at their optimal temperature for your enjoyment. Designed to be free-standing or easily installed into your cabinetry this stunning side-by-side combination is the perfect pairing to keep everyone happy.


Still feeling confused? Don't stress! Grand Cru has a wine storage solution for any new wine enthusiast or serious wine collector. Head to our Wine Fridge Finder and take the quick quiz to figure out which fridge suits all your needs.