5 Wineries You May Have Never Heard Of

For a wine aficionado, there may be nothing better on a sunny summer day than a glass of wine and the unique views that only a beautiful winery can provide. Pair that with a relaxing day spa and a gorgeous meal and they’ll be having the time of their lives. With so many well-known and beloved wineries spread out around the country, Australia is one of the best places to visit or live in for wine lovers. If you’re sick of hearing about the same few wineries every time you look for your next jaunt, here are 5 wineries outside Victoria that are definitely worth the visit.

Greenock Creek Vineyard


Located in the heart of Marananga, South Australia, Greenock Creek Vineyard has been committed to the craft of winemaking for nearly forty years. Their philosophy is “vineyard first, winery second”. Through their delicate crafting, they entwine the essence of regional and varietal character and the unique imprint of the vineyard into every bottle of wine they create.


Puddleduck Vineyard 


This family owned and run vineyard and winery is tucked away in Coal River Valley, just a short drive from Hobart, Tasmania. Puddleduck Vineyard is a relatively new winery, having only been established in 1997. This winery offers a simple menu if you get peckish, but unlike any other restaurant you can take part in a “reverse BYO®” – just bring your own food, get some wine, and enjoy a pleasant picnic out in the sun!


After Hours Wine


Head west to After Hours Wine, situated on the Carbunup River flat in Western Australia to enjoy some award-winning wines. Wines produced at After Hours Wines are carefully handcrafted and estate grown. This family-run business works closely with its wines, monitoring every stage in the winemaking and bottling process, resulting in the intensity in flavour and quality that the winery is well-known for. This intricate process has paid off, with the winery being bestowed with 40 gold medals for its various wines.  


Witches Falls Winery 


Situated atop Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, this winery is one of the state's largest wine producers. Attention to detail is an integral part of this winery’s philosophy; all products are prepared on-site to ensure that every step of the process can be monitored. The winemaking process at Witches Falls maintains traditional techniques alongside modern, state-of-the-art techniques.


Flame Hill Vineyard 

Sitting on the highest point of Montville, Queensland, at over 400 metres above sea level is Flame Hill Vineyard. All wines produced here are completely estate-grown, hand-harvested, and sourced from plantings almost 80 years old. This vineyard and restaurant, alongside the on-site luxury cottage accommodation, Flame Hill farm products, kitchen garden, and signature events, are effectively redefining and improving the state’s wine-tourism industry.


Put these hidden gems on your next holiday itinerary, and you will be treated to some of the best wines Australia has to offer.